Our Heritage

New-Image LTD  importing high-tech dental equipments as long with digital dentistry training & education and technical support

. New-Image has been providing top-quality solutions and services since 1992

 .Its offices are located in Kfar-Netter

 New-Image promotes organizational effectiveness and efficiency by marketing innovative  equipments technologies and implementing them in advanced work processes

Our Custumers

New-Image solutions serve more than 1,500 organizations in the Israeli market. Customers include institutions from the worlds of dentestry , government clinics , public sector, military and defense,  and academic institutions Among our clients are some of the small and big clinics , dental laboratories, Imaging Centers, hospitals, X- . ray institutes, dental faculties, aesthetics centers and the IDF

 . Satisfaction of our customers is our duty

 NEW IMAGE ltd is obligated to never stop exploring in order to bring to the Israeli dental community the spearhead of digital equipment

Our Standards

The company is accredited for ISO 9001: 2015  standards

תקן לחברת ניו-אימג ישראל
תקן לחברת ניו-אימג ישראל









( Member in the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce ( FICC

 ( Member in the Israeli Import Dental Organization ( IDAN

Our Vision

An entire infrastructure, including importing , selling ,  service, marketing, and training and  supports thousands of customers. A wide range of courses and training sessions, advice and consulting services are tailored to the customer’s needs. A computerized service center is staffed by teams of experts. Seminars, newsletter updates, and professional network support sites are part of the all-encompassing support network